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Sympa ça !

Écrit par : Nico | 22/10/2007

ohhhh une golf tuuuuuuuuuuning.......lol

Écrit par : fab | 23/10/2007

salut nono,jolie ta GOLF .....

Écrit par : seventropical | 18/01/2008

New webstore VW Hey!

Great blog about Volkswagens! I use to visit it many times a week. We seems to like the same stuff/style. Low and slow! Im working on my 1966 deluxe splitbus for the moment, hope to have it slammed and done this summer, big logos on the side. You will probablly see it, one way or another.

I was wondering if you could put up a link to my VW webstore, with VW parts, shirts, stickers, skatedecks and other cool stuff. It would be very nice of you, it will fit your blog perfect! Use some of the link-images below, if you want. Thanks dude!!

The link to the shop is: www.wolfsburgstreetwear.inc.se

Cheers from Sweden! Take and keep up the good job on the site! Keep them low,,,

Dont miss my website/blog/magazine/vwclub: www.meanbugs.com (One of the biggest in Europe for sure!)


Écrit par : Martin Henriksson | 09/10/2009

nono hellow! Desoler, I made a nouvaux blog of has a change of address email!

News send; http: // nonocox.skyrock.com/
In the pleasure to see again(to revise) you on my blog! Thank you

Écrit par : fabien | 24/10/2009

Merci pour cette information interessante

Écrit par : Arettedew | 29/05/2012

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